Saturday, December 11, 2010


I ran across these two interesting items
 on my morning stroll through Etsy.
(what would we do without Etsy?)

Is this what we would be looking for
if we didn't have our
 our iphones,
thumb drives,
 flash drives,
and digital picture frames?


Romantic little vintage gold tone metal photo album case. With a dreamy image of a woman in a swing, surrounded by forest and angels, this compact-like photograph album measures 4 inches long, 3 inches wide and 1/4 of an inch deep.

When open, the left side of the case has a note reading "These precious photos are my valued treasures. If lost please return to:". Following this message are three printed lines where an address/phone number may be written, in case the album is lost.  When open, the right side of the case has another note for listing favorite friends and family names, addresses and phone numbers.  

AND THEN . . . 

This mini gold tone vintage address book has thirty pages for names, addresses and phone numbers. The textured metal cover is embellished with 3-D leaves enhanced with blue, pink, green, red and yellow rhinestones. Mini address book measures 2 and 3/4 inches long, 3/4 of an inch wide and is 1/2 of an inch thick. A little chain is looped through the corner of the book for attaching to a purse, etc.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

"Cora TV"

Never thought I would go this long in between blog posts!  But since  August, I've been busy with a few items (I'll share with you later about some other stuff).  But today I'll talk about the birth of my granddaughter, Cora Elizabeth.  She has changed things for us even though she is over 1,000 miles away.  So instead of a snack before bed or "a TVshow" before we hit the hay these days--this is what Kent (my husband) and I do.  We call Arizonia to look and talk to Cora on our computer screen.  We act completely silly so Cora will watch us--sometimes I think we are turning into cartoons.  Today, when she saw me, she gave me a half face crooked grin...the first for me on video cam.  I was giddy and still am basking in that precious smile.  The things we do for our grandkids!  Life is so sweet!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kendra and Cora

I've taken a step back and away from sewing for just a all my activities since the birth of my first granddaughter.  Becoming a grandmother on August 19th has really been life changing.  I knew that it would be good but I had no idea of how profound it would be, and how deeply it would affect me.  BUT  it's more wonderful than I could have every imagined!  Here are two pictures from 1983 (Kent and me with Kendra) and two pictures from 2010 (Cora).  See the resemblence?  I've heard that Cora's hair appears to have some "red" in it--just like Kendra's did, but at this point in time I don't think Cora is a  "redhead" like her grandmother.  As far as grandma names, looks like so far, I'm "grammie"!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Best Friend's Quilt Shoppe over on Colerain Avenue
 here in Cincinnati professionally quilted my quilt.
   I chose a stitch pattern called floopy flowers.
 Since the inspiration fabric has bees,
 I thought it was appropriate to have flowers.
  I also had them do something special in the quilting, can you see it?
If you click on the picture above
 you can see the inspiration bee fabric much better.
If you didn't see the "special" quilting, here is a close up below.
I can't wait to see little Cora curled up on this!

This quilt pattern was taken from Alex Anderson's Quilt Book: 
Baby Quilts with Love
12 Timeless Projects for Today's Nursery
(Find the book by clicking on the title.)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cora's Quilt

I'm sorry I've been remiss in blogging lately.  Everything has taken a back seat to preparing and anxiously awaiting my first grandchild, Cora's arrival.   This is Cora's quilt before I took it to be quilted.  I'm picking it up on Friday and then I'm flying out of Indianapolis on Sunday --heading for Mesa, AZ, the land of first grandchildren.  Cora's due date is the 13th, but what "first" child ever came on their due date?  I just so can't wait for this blessed event!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


What is it about green and blue with a touch of...of...antique gold???  I just adore it and perhaps this will be the color scheme for some room in my house.....suggestions?  I gathered some of these among other items for my "first Etsy treasury" made by me.   The pillbox hat is on reserve for me at TPARTY.  The earrings MIGHT make it down to the Mercantile Antique Shoppe, if I don't claim them for myself first. 

Happy Thursday everyone and hope you have a wonderful July 4th weekend!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Little Inspiration for Wednesday--ZiBagz---refreshing!

I love this bag maker, she inspires me.  I ran across her today on Etsy, her shoppe name is Zibagz. (Don't you just love that name!!)  There is a sense of freedom in her style.  I love the incorporation and combination of vintage crochet, buttons, fabric etc.  AND the way that she poses her beauties is "loverly"!   So I ask myself, "why don't I create something like this?"....and then it goes to my mental bucket list and I determine at some point to do just that.  But, what is so interesting to me is that we can't escape ourselves and our own innate creativity and style.  What comes from our creative resource is who we are and when we try to duplicate what others do, aside from  just "copying", it will be different and the result is always "our interpretation".  It often feels like you are fighting yourself..ever feel that way?  So maybe someday when the "mood" strikes I'll have the "freedom" to do something similar?  In the meantime please enjoy!  Also note the way she does her it.  Be sure to visit her shoppe on Etsy.  Zibagz  Her new blog is

 In a few days I want to introduce you to another long time inspiration of come back soon!  I love hearing from you and your comments!

Friday, June 18, 2010


 Admiring my own
 vintage plate arrangement,

Sitting on this lounge,
with my laptop
videocamming with my two daughters
or the reading the latest
DIY publication.
making a quilt like this
for my coming grandaughter, Cora Elizabeth.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Say hello to "beta"..she is not completely "finished" yet, but I couldn't wait to share some pictures.  This is the combination of fabrics I posted awhile back.  Since this is the second design version and I'm attempting a  prototype, hence the name "beta".  The floral is a wonderful weight linen blend.  The vintage buttons just "happened" and I love the woven stripe which quietly reiterates all the colors.  Beta's completion has been delayed due to waiting  for "inspiration" to show up so therefore adding to the characteristic of  being a bit of a snail .  Hopefully the finishing touches will be completed this week,  and she'll be up to the challenge of "ETSY" , pass Kendra and Katie's inspection (my lovely fashionista daughters), and I'll start on another pattern design for this fabric "duo".

Looks Like Its Treasury Wednesday for Pear Mcgee

This afternoon I was contacted by two fellow Etisans to let me know that they included me in their "Etsy Treasury". (THANKS!)  And if you have been following my blog, I bet you could guess what made it to those treasuries....yep...the (perhaps now I should call it) "stunning" pink striped vintage linen clutch seems to posess that "star" qualtity.  It has now been on Etsy's Blog: The Storque and received over 700 views now and over 90 "etsy hearts".  The interesting thing is that no one has purchased it..yet!

Here are the two treasuries to peruse and enjoy:

Treasury #1  Pretty In Pink

Treasury #2  You Can  Find a Lot of Neat Things

While I'm At it:  Some Past Blog Highlights you might enjoy:

Friday, June 11, 2010


Bad me I ordered these earrings for my friend Donna and then when they came, they were sooo cute I had to keep them for myself!  Sorry Donna!  I guess I should find out if she can make another pair.  They were made by vintageboochco, one of my favorites on Etsy.

I really had WABBITS on the brain this morning and look what else I found!  I would love to have this rabbit trinket plate from  trudy10!

And oh look at this WABBIT from Foxforsale.

What is it about WABBITS??  I could go on and on....time to relax.. TGIF!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Vintage Linen Tea Towel--Now Tripping the Light Fantastic as a Modern Linen Clutch

I was perusing my Etsy account a little while ago and was looking to see if I received any new "hearts" on any of my items.  I gasped when I clicked on this clutch.  It was showing over 500 views and 82 hearts!  Wow!  So I'm thinking...did it make it into a popular treasurey or better yet, to the front page of Etsy and I didn't see it? (I know it made it into one treasury, but that was after the hearts were put on it.) Does anyone out there know if there is a way to find out?  I'm emailing Etsy and asking if they can check somehow.  But anyway...that is pretty neat and I'm so proud of this beautiful vintage linen tea towel!

The mystery has been solved as to the reason why I received so many hearts on this item.  This clutch was featured in Etsy's Blog:  The Storque in an article by Emily Bidwell entitled:  The Heat is On.  Take a moment and take a look if you have time.  The mystery was solved by Craftcult:  a website devoted to taking care of Etsy sellers by providing much needed technical and statistical information and also advertising and featuring Etsy sellers.  I didn't know anything about this until my friend Lynn told me about it.  I'll have to introduce you to Lynn soon--you will love her!

Friday, June 4, 2010

In Line At McDonalds on a TGIF

So, every three months or so, I allow myself to go to McDonalds for breakfast on my way to work.  This morning was that morning.  When I got there the line for the drive thru was pretty long, and so I knew I'd be a few minutes late to work, but this was my quaterly treat to myself so I stayed.  My allergies were really bothering me this morning so I spent the majority of my time waiting-- looking in the mirror and dabbing my eyes, so my mascara wouldn't run.

When I got  to the payment window there was a surprise.  The lady in the car in front me had paid for my breakfast and left me a note.  It said, "Do something nice for someone!  Have a blessed Day!" Wow, wasn't that nice!  So I did.  I handed the note back to the McDonald's employee, paid for the person behind me, and asked them to pass the note along.

Now that was a good way to start TGIF!!  (The McDonald's employee told me that this happens all the time--so I'm wondering...has it happened to you?) (Side Note:  Did she see me dabbing my eyes and thought I was crying?--haha!)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Fabric Inspiration

I can't wait to design a new bag from these selections!  The top fabric is a linen blend and the bottom fabric is woven!  I love the soft colors!  What kind of bag do you see this as?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Michelle (Pink Daisy's Blog) and I were chatting down at the Mercantile Antique Shoppe a few days ago about Zara's neat new retro "frames" she has been making.  (I'll post a picture sometime of her frames when I get a chance.)  I started to tell Michelle about a similar type of frame I had seen on Ebay a few years ago--to my utter amazement--Michelle remembered that same frame and remembered the maker --Georgiapeachez!  So that led to a few paragraphs of conversation, talking about all the different things that we remember Georgiapeachez making.  We laughed and agreed that we definitely had spent "a little bit of time" surfing.  But we both found out that we had followed Georgiapeachez from Ebay to now being on Etsy.

So, I "convo'd" Georgiapeachez (her first name is Suzy by the way) on Etsy and and told her about my conversation with two of her admirers. It was nice making the personal contact and hearing from her. She was very positive and allowed me to show off her sewing room--along with a few other pictures of her work.

It must have been four or five years ago that I first found Georgiepeachez. On her Ebay site, she posted these two pictures of her sewing room. I was intrigued and smitten. Her distinctive style and flair for vintage was evident. I saved them on my computer for inspiration! Don't we all want our sewing rooms to look this good?

It's been fun watching Georgiepeachez as she has made retro frames, purses, pin cushions, jewelry, aprons, handkerchief make up bags, retro Christmas frames, are a few samples of her amazing work.  It seems that whatever this talented lady puts her hand to is just beautiful.  Check out her Etsy shop when you have the chance here:  GEORGIAPEACHEZ

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Who is Ume Komachi?

This has been forced on my bucket list...finding out who this person is and why their fabric has disappeared from stores!  I love love this fabric.  The Japanese know how to do cotton!  I love the weaving of the different cotton threads--it begs to be touched and admired.

The color combination, orange, red and --teal, aqua, seafoam--just what is that color supposed to be called any way?  It came in a few different color combos, but this was MY favorite.  The bead dangle was from the talented JoEllen of Ally Beads.  I love her style--I could hand her anything and say..go for it and I know I will love it.  It was a blast to put this together.  Unfortunately my stash of this is so tiny now, it will be the last offering of this fabric in anything I do...unless I stumble on more.  Please let me know if you have seen this anywhere.  Enjoy!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

It's Sticky Business

I have a comparison to share, that I wished someone would have somewhere shared with me.  So you want to try your hand at making a some frame purses?  Here is my opinion of the glue to use.

First of all there is "Gutermann"  which touts itself as the "best". I used that first and then I stumbled across "UHU" which also boasts about being great for locking your material in the frames.  Since I was almost out of the Gutermann I thought..."oh why not, I'll try the UHU and just add it to my order." (This supplier doesn't sell Gutermann")  Well my supplier notified me that my shipment of frames and glue came back and the glue had burst and gotten all over the frames, but not to worry a new package was in the mail.  That was not pleasant but finally my order did arrive and no glue spillage.  So I'm making this short story long, but I finally got around to trying the UHU.  I have THREE TUBES of it.  And guess what!  It's messier and runnier and doesn't dry as fast as the Gutermann-- and I ruined a piece of fabric with it.  SO lesson learned...ONLY GUTERMANN will do for me from now on.  I hope this information helped someone else before they go trying the UHU!  If you have any other glue products or experiences, please share them, so we can all be the better.  Thanks!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


This is what I’ve been viewing as I drive to work for the past ten? days! Today I had the presence of mind to make sure my camera was in my bag and stop to take pictures. I’m sure they won’t last much longer and I had to capture a little of their beauty. As I was taking these this morning, the lady of the house nearby told me to break some off…so now my office smells like wisteria!

Wikipedia says that wisteria is a member of the pea family…who would have thought? It is a woody climbing vine that is common to the eastern US and other countries such as China, Korea, and Japan. Google also brought up a picture of a bonsai wisteria…now that was interesting. But I shall enjoy them today, and my all male office members will have to endure their perfume. Love it!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Bleeding Hearts

When I was a little girl I loved to visit my grandmother in the hills of Pennsylvania.  My grandmother, Elizabeth Ellen (for whom I'm named after) was a remarkable woman for her small stature. She weighed 88 lbs when she got married. (I have her wedding dress!).   Her little white house (with a white picket fence) was amazingly organized and she had a focus for each day of the week--you know--Monday for wash etc.  I would go down into the small walk-out basement and look at the huge tree trunk beems, all her homemade canned goods, fresh fruit, old fashioned washing machine, and snoop around like any kid would do.  The corner that held the huge coal furnace was the only place from which I stayed away. The smells are still very clear in my mind.  Every morning her breakfast was like a formal meal.  The table was set perfectly with a tablecloth and cloth napkins.  I thought it was the biggest deal when my grandfather taught  me to eat ketchup on my hash browns.  I could go on and on.

My grandmother's back yard was a sloping hill that ended up down at my uncle's house.  You could go through the evergreens or you could go on the stone laid path that meandered down between their huge garden. (I can still see my grandfather out there hoeing.)  On this path, every spring I would love to look at my grandmother's flowers.  The bleeding hearts were just beautiful.  Oh how I wanted to pick them, but that was off limits.  So, I've been meaning  to get this beautiful plant for myself and well now, "Look!".  I've got some, so I had to go lay down on the grass this morning before taking off for work and take a picture before they---can't say it--expire.  It's so befitting to have them flourish this spring (for the first time) with the passing of my mother last October.  Aren't they beautiful?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Some Button Combos

Some button choices for Laurie.  Number across 1, 2, Second Row 3, 4 Third Row 5, 6.

Friday, April 9, 2010

* * * * FOUR STARS! * * * *

Did you ever google your name or your personal website or blog?  I tried doing that last night and found something rather interesting.

Someone whose I.D. is mostlymaple , ("a twenty something day dreamer, publication designer by and and by night is always searching for inspiration and motivation") highlighted one of my  purses (click on purses to see the original blog post) from awhile ago on and asked everyone to rate the purse.  It looks like the few that looked at it gave it FOUR STARS.  (not bad huh?) (relief!)

It's amazing where "the surfing of the net" will take you.  So, have you every clicked that "next blog" thingy at the top of blogspot blogs and see where it leads?  Happy Surfing!

Back to fabric land and new fabric and inspiration.  I've got a new shipment coming in and can't wait! I'd tell you that I'm working on a fabulous new bag right now, but I better not....hah!

Friday, April 2, 2010

It Is Finished . . .Introducing The "Amy Bag"

This has been a "good" Friday! I got the day off from work, it's 80 degrees, the sun /Son is shining, (I'm thankful for the supreme sacrifice that my Savior made so many years ago) and I've been able to resurrect this handbag from the "I'm not happy with it" pile.  Thwarted by a migraine of three days, that's finally over too!  I'm so psyched about this bag pattern and I can't wait to make it again in a different fabric.

I shortened the height by two inches and added wider and more decorative straps.  I made the rounded bottom wider and longer, and used very thick interfacing for reinforcement. The hardware really sets it off and only the finest was used.  This purse will hopefully give it's new owner, Amy, much joy.  (This bag is now hence forth to be named after Amy!) Take a look, if you like what you see, I can make another for you--convo me on or email me at

Friday, March 26, 2010

Cloth Vs Leather

For Christmas I purchased a side of leather and have some lofty plans for its future usage with my bags.  Until then I'm constantly scouring the country side for inspiration for cloth bags.  This pattern has stuck in my mind for quite some time.  It's made of leather, but I think it might present well in cloth.  I have some picked out, but haven't gotten to it yet!  But I thought I'd share the idea with you and see what you thought.
What fabric should be used?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I know people who love to take custom orders and others who at the very mention cringe in fear. Custom orders are just as the word implies, a person has an idea in their head and it is given to you to project into reality.  For me, I enjoy the challenge and especially like it if I can actually please the customer. 

Right now I'm finishing up a custom order for a lovely lady on Etsy.  She saw the bag I made for Katherine and wanted one from that fabric. The result of the order stretched me to make a style of bag that I never have made before so that is a real plus. (The bag has a rounded bottom--see picture below)  I was trying to get the order done in quick fashion, and well, when I finished, the balance of the bag was--nope...not up to my standards. Members of my family thought it was perfectly fine and I should send it off.  But, you see, if I would have taken my time, laid it down and walked away for a day, I would have caught the seemingly insignificant detail that now is demanding its own way.  

So, now to redo or remake? REMAKE I will so I can live with myself and know that the lovely lady will get something that she will love to carry for a long time.  And then I can sleep better.

This bag's requirements: 12inch zipper, 12inch height, 4 inch depth, no pockets on the outside.  Sounds simple right?  The Challenge: where to put the straps and not letting it "slouch" in the middle when carried.   I made the straps the decorative element--that was a good thing. Most of the slouching was eliminated by the strategic location of the straps except for a slight "bend" (if you will )in the center when carried.  By moving the straps inward by an inch  or so any slouching tendancies should be totally eliminated. One inch off the height would also benefit the bag's asthetics and practicality. We shall see what happens with the "remake".