Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Looks Like Its Treasury Wednesday for Pear Mcgee

This afternoon I was contacted by two fellow Etisans to let me know that they included me in their "Etsy Treasury". (THANKS!)  And if you have been following my blog, I bet you could guess what made it to those treasuries....yep...the (perhaps now I should call it) "stunning" pink striped vintage linen clutch seems to posess that "star" qualtity.  It has now been on Etsy's Blog: The Storque and received over 700 views now and over 90 "etsy hearts".  The interesting thing is that no one has purchased it..yet!

Here are the two treasuries to peruse and enjoy:

Treasury #1  Pretty In Pink

Treasury #2  You Can  Find a Lot of Neat Things

While I'm At it:  Some Past Blog Highlights you might enjoy:

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