Sunday, May 16, 2010

It's Sticky Business

I have a comparison to share, that I wished someone would have somewhere shared with me.  So you want to try your hand at making a some frame purses?  Here is my opinion of the glue to use.

First of all there is "Gutermann"  which touts itself as the "best". I used that first and then I stumbled across "UHU" which also boasts about being great for locking your material in the frames.  Since I was almost out of the Gutermann I thought..."oh why not, I'll try the UHU and just add it to my order." (This supplier doesn't sell Gutermann")  Well my supplier notified me that my shipment of frames and glue came back and the glue had burst and gotten all over the frames, but not to worry a new package was in the mail.  That was not pleasant but finally my order did arrive and no glue spillage.  So I'm making this short story long, but I finally got around to trying the UHU.  I have THREE TUBES of it.  And guess what!  It's messier and runnier and doesn't dry as fast as the Gutermann-- and I ruined a piece of fabric with it.  SO lesson learned...ONLY GUTERMANN will do for me from now on.  I hope this information helped someone else before they go trying the UHU!  If you have any other glue products or experiences, please share them, so we can all be the better.  Thanks!

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Pink Daisys Blog Spot said...

I had the same problem.. I now only use Gutherman Glue too.. And I have a TON if you need any! Your blog is BEAUTIFUL!! WOW.. I just LOVE IT! Great job!