Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I know people who love to take custom orders and others who at the very mention cringe in fear. Custom orders are just as the word implies, a person has an idea in their head and it is given to you to project into reality.  For me, I enjoy the challenge and especially like it if I can actually please the customer. 

Right now I'm finishing up a custom order for a lovely lady on Etsy.  She saw the bag I made for Katherine and wanted one from that fabric. The result of the order stretched me to make a style of bag that I never have made before so that is a real plus. (The bag has a rounded bottom--see picture below)  I was trying to get the order done in quick fashion, and well, when I finished, the balance of the bag was--nope...not up to my standards. Members of my family thought it was perfectly fine and I should send it off.  But, you see, if I would have taken my time, laid it down and walked away for a day, I would have caught the seemingly insignificant detail that now is demanding its own way.  

So, now to redo or remake? REMAKE I will so I can live with myself and know that the lovely lady will get something that she will love to carry for a long time.  And then I can sleep better.

This bag's requirements: 12inch zipper, 12inch height, 4 inch depth, no pockets on the outside.  Sounds simple right?  The Challenge: where to put the straps and not letting it "slouch" in the middle when carried.   I made the straps the decorative element--that was a good thing. Most of the slouching was eliminated by the strategic location of the straps except for a slight "bend" (if you will )in the center when carried.  By moving the straps inward by an inch  or so any slouching tendancies should be totally eliminated. One inch off the height would also benefit the bag's asthetics and practicality. We shall see what happens with the "remake".

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