Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Michelle (Pink Daisy's Blog) and I were chatting down at the Mercantile Antique Shoppe a few days ago about Zara's neat new retro "frames" she has been making.  (I'll post a picture sometime of her frames when I get a chance.)  I started to tell Michelle about a similar type of frame I had seen on Ebay a few years ago--to my utter amazement--Michelle remembered that same frame and remembered the maker --Georgiapeachez!  So that led to a few paragraphs of conversation, talking about all the different things that we remember Georgiapeachez making.  We laughed and agreed that we definitely had spent "a little bit of time" surfing.  But we both found out that we had followed Georgiapeachez from Ebay to now being on Etsy.

So, I "convo'd" Georgiapeachez (her first name is Suzy by the way) on Etsy and and told her about my conversation with two of her admirers. It was nice making the personal contact and hearing from her. She was very positive and allowed me to show off her sewing room--along with a few other pictures of her work.

It must have been four or five years ago that I first found Georgiepeachez. On her Ebay site, she posted these two pictures of her sewing room. I was intrigued and smitten. Her distinctive style and flair for vintage was evident. I saved them on my computer for inspiration! Don't we all want our sewing rooms to look this good?

It's been fun watching Georgiepeachez as she has made retro frames, purses, pin cushions, jewelry, aprons, handkerchief make up bags, retro Christmas frames, are a few samples of her amazing work.  It seems that whatever this talented lady puts her hand to is just beautiful.  Check out her Etsy shop when you have the chance here:  GEORGIAPEACHEZ


GeorgiaPeachez said...

Oh my, such praise!! Thanks for letting me share :->
xo, suzy

KitschKrafts said...

I love that frame- such a great idea for a vintage pin collection. I just use mine for holding things up on my bulletin board. Boring! ;o) I have been lured in by the wonderful goods at GeorgiaPeachez etsy shop before too and her stuff is definitely praise worthy!