Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kendra and Cora

I've taken a step back and away from sewing for just a bit....re-evaluating all my activities since the birth of my first granddaughter.  Becoming a grandmother on August 19th has really been life changing.  I knew that it would be good but I had no idea of how profound it would be, and how deeply it would affect me.  BUT  it's more wonderful than I could have every imagined!  Here are two pictures from 1983 (Kent and me with Kendra) and two pictures from 2010 (Cora).  See the resemblence?  I've heard that Cora's hair appears to have some "red" in it--just like Kendra's did, but at this point in time I don't think Cora is a  "redhead" like her grandmother.  As far as grandma names, looks like so far, I'm "grammie"!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Best Friend's Quilt Shoppe over on Colerain Avenue
 here in Cincinnati professionally quilted my quilt.
   I chose a stitch pattern called floopy flowers.
 Since the inspiration fabric has bees,
 I thought it was appropriate to have flowers.
  I also had them do something special in the quilting, can you see it?
If you click on the picture above
 you can see the inspiration bee fabric much better.
If you didn't see the "special" quilting, here is a close up below.
I can't wait to see little Cora curled up on this!

This quilt pattern was taken from Alex Anderson's Quilt Book: 
Baby Quilts with Love
12 Timeless Projects for Today's Nursery
(Find the book by clicking on the title.)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cora's Quilt

I'm sorry I've been remiss in blogging lately.  Everything has taken a back seat to preparing and anxiously awaiting my first grandchild, Cora's arrival.   This is Cora's quilt before I took it to be quilted.  I'm picking it up on Friday and then I'm flying out of Indianapolis on Sunday --heading for Mesa, AZ, the land of first grandchildren.  Cora's due date is the 13th, but what "first" child ever came on their due date?  I just so can't wait for this blessed event!