Friday, April 9, 2010

* * * * FOUR STARS! * * * *

Did you ever google your name or your personal website or blog?  I tried doing that last night and found something rather interesting.

Someone whose I.D. is mostlymaple , ("a twenty something day dreamer, publication designer by and and by night is always searching for inspiration and motivation") highlighted one of my  purses (click on purses to see the original blog post) from awhile ago on and asked everyone to rate the purse.  It looks like the few that looked at it gave it FOUR STARS.  (not bad huh?) (relief!)

It's amazing where "the surfing of the net" will take you.  So, have you every clicked that "next blog" thingy at the top of blogspot blogs and see where it leads?  Happy Surfing!

Back to fabric land and new fabric and inspiration.  I've got a new shipment coming in and can't wait! I'd tell you that I'm working on a fabulous new bag right now, but I better not....hah!

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