Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Little Inspiration for Wednesday--ZiBagz---refreshing!

I love this bag maker, she inspires me.  I ran across her today on Etsy, her shoppe name is Zibagz. (Don't you just love that name!!)  There is a sense of freedom in her style.  I love the incorporation and combination of vintage crochet, buttons, fabric etc.  AND the way that she poses her beauties is "loverly"!   So I ask myself, "why don't I create something like this?"....and then it goes to my mental bucket list and I determine at some point to do just that.  But, what is so interesting to me is that we can't escape ourselves and our own innate creativity and style.  What comes from our creative resource is who we are and when we try to duplicate what others do, aside from  just "copying", it will be different and the result is always "our interpretation".  It often feels like you are fighting yourself..ever feel that way?  So maybe someday when the "mood" strikes I'll have the "freedom" to do something similar?  In the meantime please enjoy!  Also note the way she does her it.  Be sure to visit her shoppe on Etsy.  Zibagz  Her new blog is

 In a few days I want to introduce you to another long time inspiration of come back soon!  I love hearing from you and your comments!


Lisa said...

Thank you so much for featuring me today!!!
I am blushing!

glentwistle said...

What playful creations she has.