Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Little Bird Watching is Always Good . . .

MIMS you've done it again . . ."this clever and roomy little nap sack becomes a SHOULDER BAG with a tug of the straps!" I feel like I've stumbled onto something very good, and something that is relatively new to Etsy. MIMS, I love your choice of rich, traditional, quality fabric. The kind of fabric whose life has been extended through out the years because they have proven themself, the patterns that are reminicent of prior years thoughts and ideas. That combined with a modern (YET FUNCTIONAL) pattern...that is what I call "perfect"! After my daughter's wedding, I will have to own one of MIMS lovely designs!! Everyone, be sure to take a look at this wonderful bag! They are going like hot cakes!

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Ava Bag by MyIttyBitty on Etsy

It's a bit unexplainable why I like this bag...but I do. BUT, it's pretty explainable what I would change. The stitching on the handles and trim is the wrong color, it needs to either match the fabric, be sewn on the reverse side so no stitching is seen or sewn by hand and then the "hand stitching" can be shown without apology. AND, SO... I would get that drapery roping and stuff the "handle " so it's round and not flat. ONE MORE THING, I think this bag can be done...quite expectably in "linen", or with a very FUN fabric that makes its own statement. HOWEVER, I do like the fabric shown on this particular AVA Bag. I like the way the floral design on the back is complimentary to the front. (not diggin' the bow either..you?) Pretty cute the way the designer incorporates her label/brand on the inside pocket. Overall I'm impressed by the simplicity of this design. You can check out these bags on ETSY. What do you think? Bigger, Smaller? What would it take for YOU to carry this bag?