Friday, March 26, 2010

Cloth Vs Leather

For Christmas I purchased a side of leather and have some lofty plans for its future usage with my bags.  Until then I'm constantly scouring the country side for inspiration for cloth bags.  This pattern has stuck in my mind for quite some time.  It's made of leather, but I think it might present well in cloth.  I have some picked out, but haven't gotten to it yet!  But I thought I'd share the idea with you and see what you thought.
What fabric should be used?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I know people who love to take custom orders and others who at the very mention cringe in fear. Custom orders are just as the word implies, a person has an idea in their head and it is given to you to project into reality.  For me, I enjoy the challenge and especially like it if I can actually please the customer. 

Right now I'm finishing up a custom order for a lovely lady on Etsy.  She saw the bag I made for Katherine and wanted one from that fabric. The result of the order stretched me to make a style of bag that I never have made before so that is a real plus. (The bag has a rounded bottom--see picture below)  I was trying to get the order done in quick fashion, and well, when I finished, the balance of the bag was--nope...not up to my standards. Members of my family thought it was perfectly fine and I should send it off.  But, you see, if I would have taken my time, laid it down and walked away for a day, I would have caught the seemingly insignificant detail that now is demanding its own way.  

So, now to redo or remake? REMAKE I will so I can live with myself and know that the lovely lady will get something that she will love to carry for a long time.  And then I can sleep better.

This bag's requirements: 12inch zipper, 12inch height, 4 inch depth, no pockets on the outside.  Sounds simple right?  The Challenge: where to put the straps and not letting it "slouch" in the middle when carried.   I made the straps the decorative element--that was a good thing. Most of the slouching was eliminated by the strategic location of the straps except for a slight "bend" (if you will )in the center when carried.  By moving the straps inward by an inch  or so any slouching tendancies should be totally eliminated. One inch off the height would also benefit the bag's asthetics and practicality. We shall see what happens with the "remake".

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Back From Phoenix

Back to the cold, cloudy, moisture ridden, damp, Ohio.  Can someone please tell me why I live here?  I love Phoenix, but then I've never been there in the summer.  Maybe my opinion would change.  But the time spent with my daughter was so wonderful.  We did a lot of hunting for baby girl items--she's due in August--and my first grandchild.  I'm elated to say the least.  We found a diaper bag while we were out there by JJ Cole Collection called Theory.  I love it and now of course, I want to duplicate it.  Isn't this one of the neatest diaper bags you've ever seen?  You can find it by clicking here. We did find Pottery Barn's cherry blossom bag a close second to this. If you know of something better, leave a comment with it's location so we can all check it out! 

Of course I visited a fabric store while in Phoenix too.  It was called SAS--fabric by the pound.  I got a great deal on a piece of "panache" fabric by Moda that I will be sure to try very soon. I love this.  What do you think I should do with it?  Unfortunately I will have to take some pictures myself, the sample below, doesn't do this fabric justice at all.  There are very colorful flowers in it that are just gorgeous!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Singing In The Rain

A fellow Etisan, coccinellerouge, included me in a treasury.
I love this, and I love the theme!  Click on the word treasury for a better view.   My pochette is the upper right and can be seen on my Etsy shoppe at

Easter Basket Alternative

If you start looking around, you can find some vintage items that would make an awesome Easter Basket.  This charming lamb would make a great addition in a child's room afterward.  But I just love vintage planters anyway, they are unique and can be practical too.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


This past Saturday morning, I wanted something light, fun,...these colorful pouches (pochettes) were just the item to make my day complete...I think I could sew 24/7 sometimes!  Katie says they would make awesome summer sunglass cases!  And Katie is my fashion expert!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Feeling Blue?

The sun has finally decided to shine today. Yay! 
 Maybe inspiration will find it's way to my door!
I found this purse on Etsy's shop, refreshaccessories, and i can't quit staring at it so I have to share it with you.  It's a cute "barrel" shaped purse made from "neglected decorator fabric and "dad's old shirt".  That was some "old shirt"!  When I was in high school I paid a bundle for a little black leather barrel purse and then about ten years ago I had some designer named khaki-greenish leather barrel purse with bright orange interior.  It's now, of course, that I wish I still had them.  I guess there are some advantages to being a pack rat--maybe.  The other note is that this purse is blue, light blue.  "Just when you think that something is "out" it's "in" again." --(spoken in an accent like Project Runway's, Heidi Klum)  Bonnie and I were having the "blue" discussion this afternoon at the shoppe.  It went something like, "  yeah, I thought blue was out but now it's everywhere!"  Bonnie (of bonflourish) admitted she is not a blue person but is now finding herself thinking blue ideas all day. Okay, so, we want to know--who starts these things anyway?  And, in conclusion, we both agreed that purple is definitely "out"...or is it?? Hah!

 Anyway, I love the detail with the outside pockets and the inside zipper, dad's shirt must have been made out of some kind of mesh material, I'm stumped on that one, but I like it.  I just finished making a blue toile cosmetic pouch.  Now I guess I will "have" to drag out that neglected pale blue decorator fabric that I have and see what kind  of barrel purse I will come up with, right after I finish the plaid sailing weekend bag, or the vintage earring remake, or get the idea.  I would love to purchase this lovely bag from "refreshaccessories", but that would take away from my fabric budget.  Thanks for the inspiration and your lovely presentation, it's so "refreshing".

 Anybody else out there feeling the "blues" these days?  (Hey, maybe we just started something?!)