Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Seventh Grade English Teacher

I'll never forget Mrs. Oligee. She was probably the strictest teacher I had in school. "Don't chew gum!" "Don't put your feet up on the rungs of the desk in front of you!"-- absolute quiet and attention was required. She was also perhaps the oldest teacher I ever had as well, her clothing, though outdated for the time, was alway impeccable and color cooridinated down to the jewelry she wore. Years later I was garage sale hopping and I stumbled on the garage sale that one of her family members was having since she was in a nursing home. There was all her jewelry! I wish I had gotten all of it but I settled for this button bracelet. The bracelet that had such a lovely jingling sound as she would pass by my desk. Now every time I wear it, my mind is flooded with those fond memories. I'm not the only one who loves it--my two daughters love it and so does everyone else that sees it. It's something that I will treasure even beyond it's stunning appearance. I hope you enjoy looking at it today!

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Anonymous said...

love the bracelet!