Friday, June 27, 2008

La Vue De Poche!

Literal translation from English to French means "the view from the pocket".

What is it about the French language that is so appealing? It is the way it rolls off the tongue in such a smooth flowing manner? Is it the images of picturesque and romantic Paris? Or might it be the light-hearted tales of Peppe Le Pew that make us all laugh so much?

There have been some requests for sunglasses or eyeglasses cases down at the Mercantile Shoppe. La Vue De Poche is the result of that request. It was such fun making them, the colors are so beautiful, and of course, how could you miss the fabulous vintage buttons they are sporting? These lovely "poches" will make their way to the shoppe and on etsy shortly. . .it's hard to say goodbye!

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