Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Little Inspiration for Wednesday--ZiBagz---refreshing!

I love this bag maker, she inspires me.  I ran across her today on Etsy, her shoppe name is Zibagz. (Don't you just love that name!!)  There is a sense of freedom in her style.  I love the incorporation and combination of vintage crochet, buttons, fabric etc.  AND the way that she poses her beauties is "loverly"!   So I ask myself, "why don't I create something like this?"....and then it goes to my mental bucket list and I determine at some point to do just that.  But, what is so interesting to me is that we can't escape ourselves and our own innate creativity and style.  What comes from our creative resource is who we are and when we try to duplicate what others do, aside from  just "copying", it will be different and the result is always "our interpretation".  It often feels like you are fighting yourself..ever feel that way?  So maybe someday when the "mood" strikes I'll have the "freedom" to do something similar?  In the meantime please enjoy!  Also note the way she does her it.  Be sure to visit her shoppe on Etsy.  Zibagz  Her new blog is

 In a few days I want to introduce you to another long time inspiration of come back soon!  I love hearing from you and your comments!

Friday, June 18, 2010


 Admiring my own
 vintage plate arrangement,

Sitting on this lounge,
with my laptop
videocamming with my two daughters
or the reading the latest
DIY publication.
making a quilt like this
for my coming grandaughter, Cora Elizabeth.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Say hello to "beta"..she is not completely "finished" yet, but I couldn't wait to share some pictures.  This is the combination of fabrics I posted awhile back.  Since this is the second design version and I'm attempting a  prototype, hence the name "beta".  The floral is a wonderful weight linen blend.  The vintage buttons just "happened" and I love the woven stripe which quietly reiterates all the colors.  Beta's completion has been delayed due to waiting  for "inspiration" to show up so therefore adding to the characteristic of  being a bit of a snail .  Hopefully the finishing touches will be completed this week,  and she'll be up to the challenge of "ETSY" , pass Kendra and Katie's inspection (my lovely fashionista daughters), and I'll start on another pattern design for this fabric "duo".

Looks Like Its Treasury Wednesday for Pear Mcgee

This afternoon I was contacted by two fellow Etisans to let me know that they included me in their "Etsy Treasury". (THANKS!)  And if you have been following my blog, I bet you could guess what made it to those treasuries....yep...the (perhaps now I should call it) "stunning" pink striped vintage linen clutch seems to posess that "star" qualtity.  It has now been on Etsy's Blog: The Storque and received over 700 views now and over 90 "etsy hearts".  The interesting thing is that no one has purchased it..yet!

Here are the two treasuries to peruse and enjoy:

Treasury #1  Pretty In Pink

Treasury #2  You Can  Find a Lot of Neat Things

While I'm At it:  Some Past Blog Highlights you might enjoy:

Friday, June 11, 2010


Bad me I ordered these earrings for my friend Donna and then when they came, they were sooo cute I had to keep them for myself!  Sorry Donna!  I guess I should find out if she can make another pair.  They were made by vintageboochco, one of my favorites on Etsy.

I really had WABBITS on the brain this morning and look what else I found!  I would love to have this rabbit trinket plate from  trudy10!

And oh look at this WABBIT from Foxforsale.

What is it about WABBITS??  I could go on and on....time to relax.. TGIF!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Vintage Linen Tea Towel--Now Tripping the Light Fantastic as a Modern Linen Clutch

I was perusing my Etsy account a little while ago and was looking to see if I received any new "hearts" on any of my items.  I gasped when I clicked on this clutch.  It was showing over 500 views and 82 hearts!  Wow!  So I'm thinking...did it make it into a popular treasurey or better yet, to the front page of Etsy and I didn't see it? (I know it made it into one treasury, but that was after the hearts were put on it.) Does anyone out there know if there is a way to find out?  I'm emailing Etsy and asking if they can check somehow.  But anyway...that is pretty neat and I'm so proud of this beautiful vintage linen tea towel!

The mystery has been solved as to the reason why I received so many hearts on this item.  This clutch was featured in Etsy's Blog:  The Storque in an article by Emily Bidwell entitled:  The Heat is On.  Take a moment and take a look if you have time.  The mystery was solved by Craftcult:  a website devoted to taking care of Etsy sellers by providing much needed technical and statistical information and also advertising and featuring Etsy sellers.  I didn't know anything about this until my friend Lynn told me about it.  I'll have to introduce you to Lynn soon--you will love her!

Friday, June 4, 2010

In Line At McDonalds on a TGIF

So, every three months or so, I allow myself to go to McDonalds for breakfast on my way to work.  This morning was that morning.  When I got there the line for the drive thru was pretty long, and so I knew I'd be a few minutes late to work, but this was my quaterly treat to myself so I stayed.  My allergies were really bothering me this morning so I spent the majority of my time waiting-- looking in the mirror and dabbing my eyes, so my mascara wouldn't run.

When I got  to the payment window there was a surprise.  The lady in the car in front me had paid for my breakfast and left me a note.  It said, "Do something nice for someone!  Have a blessed Day!" Wow, wasn't that nice!  So I did.  I handed the note back to the McDonald's employee, paid for the person behind me, and asked them to pass the note along.

Now that was a good way to start TGIF!!  (The McDonald's employee told me that this happens all the time--so I'm wondering...has it happened to you?) (Side Note:  Did she see me dabbing my eyes and thought I was crying?--haha!)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Fabric Inspiration

I can't wait to design a new bag from these selections!  The top fabric is a linen blend and the bottom fabric is woven!  I love the soft colors!  What kind of bag do you see this as?