Thursday, March 4, 2010

Feeling Blue?

The sun has finally decided to shine today. Yay! 
 Maybe inspiration will find it's way to my door!
I found this purse on Etsy's shop, refreshaccessories, and i can't quit staring at it so I have to share it with you.  It's a cute "barrel" shaped purse made from "neglected decorator fabric and "dad's old shirt".  That was some "old shirt"!  When I was in high school I paid a bundle for a little black leather barrel purse and then about ten years ago I had some designer named khaki-greenish leather barrel purse with bright orange interior.  It's now, of course, that I wish I still had them.  I guess there are some advantages to being a pack rat--maybe.  The other note is that this purse is blue, light blue.  "Just when you think that something is "out" it's "in" again." --(spoken in an accent like Project Runway's, Heidi Klum)  Bonnie and I were having the "blue" discussion this afternoon at the shoppe.  It went something like, "  yeah, I thought blue was out but now it's everywhere!"  Bonnie (of bonflourish) admitted she is not a blue person but is now finding herself thinking blue ideas all day. Okay, so, we want to know--who starts these things anyway?  And, in conclusion, we both agreed that purple is definitely "out"...or is it?? Hah!

 Anyway, I love the detail with the outside pockets and the inside zipper, dad's shirt must have been made out of some kind of mesh material, I'm stumped on that one, but I like it.  I just finished making a blue toile cosmetic pouch.  Now I guess I will "have" to drag out that neglected pale blue decorator fabric that I have and see what kind  of barrel purse I will come up with, right after I finish the plaid sailing weekend bag, or the vintage earring remake, or get the idea.  I would love to purchase this lovely bag from "refreshaccessories", but that would take away from my fabric budget.  Thanks for the inspiration and your lovely presentation, it's so "refreshing".

 Anybody else out there feeling the "blues" these days?  (Hey, maybe we just started something?!)

3 comments: said...

Hi Ellen Ruth, That barrel purse is very sharp. I love the contrast against the blue fabric. And, you're too funny. I'm pretty sure you and I are right: purple is out... at least today ;). Have a great day, Bonnie

BK said...

I think you should modify the size to house a yoga mat and accessories.

KitschKrafts said...

This is a totally cute bag and yes, purple is out! Well, I guess lavendar is still in....