Saturday, February 27, 2010

Right Side Wrong Side

This material is absolutely beautiful--robins egg combined with shades of brown and gold.  One of my favorite materials it was just the thing to make something for my amazingly talented seamstress sister, Laura Gail.  I've wanted to make her something for quite awhile, but nothing was ever "good enough".  So this lucious fabric combined with one of my favorite 'pilgrim' charms stepped up for the special occasion.  I'm not sure whether I used the right side or wrong side of the fabric, it's so pretty, it was just hard to tell which was which.  But off to Pennsylvania this little pochette has gone.


BK said...

Very beautiful! And your new blog design---and I really really really want that elephant candy dish!!!!! :-)

Janet said...

Your Blogs very beautiful as are the purses you sell! I will have to stop paying for jewellery supplies like silver etc and buy a bag from you! So Im following you!
Janet :)