Friday, May 22, 2009

The Valise

There is something about a bag made from fabric--when fabric looks more than just fabric--this falls into that category for me. The Etsy designer, MimsMaine, describes its construction as "built like a suitcase, but is very light." That is what I like to hear--so that means it DURABLE! And in this economic upheaval, we definately need durability--something that lasts! I love the strapping detail, it's decorative but also serves a purpose. I can definately see myself carrying this about you? Check out MimsMaine's Etsy Shop!


A and K said...

i like the pattern very much...would definitely carry it myself! :-)

Lynn Badamo said...

Awesome Bag! I can see you making this bag because you are soooooo talented!!! Can you come to Pittsburgh and give me a few lessons??? hehehe!

Thanks for including me in on your life Ellen!

lynn badamo

KitschKrafts said...

I really like the fabric pattern. Very cool!