Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A New Hat, Katie's Fresh Cherry Pie--Elizabeth is 91!

The big day is here, mother is 91 years old! We celebrated with her favorite -- roast, mashed potates, cole slaw, carrots, biscuits, vanilla ice cream, and fresh cherry pie made by Katie. It was Katie's first pie and it was mother's first 91st birthday. My friend Linda gave mother the prettiest hat with Daisies. Only Linda could have been so thoughtful to think of the perfect gift for someone who is 91! Mother suffers from having a hard time remembering the present-- so the hat can be talked about for days to come, reminding her of her special day! Thanks Linda! It was great few moments in time that will be cherry--ished for years to come! (please view slideshow inthe right column)


Anonymous said...

Happy 91st b-day to your mom! love the hat!!

Phyllis said...

Your maw looks lovely, and Katie's pie looks like it was just yummy.